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What do you do when someone you care for dies? Normally a funeral and mourning follows the passing. But what do you do when someone you care about dies and becomes the undead? You fight for survival.

No one knows what has caused the sudden outbreak. A virus? A plague? Aliens? Or just the world ridding us off its surface? One thing is known though, we're all infected. Society was always seen as an infectious thing, but when the outbreak happened, everything changed. The outbreak came in the fall of 2013, killing most living beings on the earth. Survival depends upon each person now, who they trust and how they live. When the dead rises it consumes any living being with a beating heart. The way they hunt is assumed by smell and the way to keep the from rising again is impact to the brain.

So where do you go when no where is safe? Everywhere.

Survival is the only goal, even if it means betraying another. Weapons, food, tools, it is all required in order to stay alive in a dead world. In this new world you have to do what you have to do in order to survive.